Woman tells boss she is going to be late. Gets an amazing response
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Running late for work is a horrible feeling.Even when it's not your fault, trying to catch up with an hour or so of work is always a harder task than what it seems.

Thank goodness then for technology, which can allow us to save face by letting our bosses know that there is a chance we might be late.

You might get a generic response like 'thanks for letting me know' or 'no worries', but when a woman named Jenn text her boss to tell him she wouldn't be on time it struck him as unusual.

According to her boss, Jenn had never been late for work in all her years of employment, so he decided to ask her if there was anything wrong.

Writing on Imgur, the man who goes by the username CainMolir, said:

This lady has been with the company for about eight years. In my time, she has never been late, called out, etc.

She's also a very sweet older lady that the guys in the office call 'Mom.'

Given that it would seem fair enough that he would be concerned about her. However, when she told him why she was running late he knew exactly what to do.

Take a look for yourself.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone had a dog we could use as an excuse for being late to work?

Regardless, it's refreshing to see a boss have such a considerate and understanding manner with their employee and better let reward them.

In addition, he wrote:

Two tickets for the Bark at the Park promotional game coming up will be purchased and given to her by the end of the day.

How could I be upset over that cute pup?! Be nice to each other today!

After he uploaded the screenshots to Imgur, it soon went viral and people began asking questions like "Can I work for you" and "Can you be my boss?"

He then decided to do a bit more research and discovered something remarkable about Jenn's time at the company.

He added:

Holy macaroni! To answer some questions - I looked it up, and yes, this was the first time Jenn has been late in nearly six years.

She missed work one other time in her nearly eight-year career with us, and that was when her son had his wisdom teeth removed about nine months into her employment.

She was eleven minutes late today - not too terrible if you're asking me.

Jenn also calls herself "Mom" in company emails, etc. She fully embraces the name and has done so since her last child left for college almost five years ago.

I gave her the tickets - she's looking forward to taking her pupper to the game!

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