This comedian's Fleabag parody is the best thing you'll see today

Lowenna Waters
Monday 24 June 2019 15:45

It goes without saying that most people who have ever watched Fleabag absolutely love the show. Now, a New York-based comedian has taken the comedy into her stride, and it's perfect.

Eva Victor decided to make her own version of the Fleabag television show, however with a twist. Her take on it was:

me fleabagging alone on a thursday night

Alongside the distinctive Fleabag music, Victor can be heard saying:

You know when you're at home alone on a Thursday night. 

Anybody home? 

This is quite a long piss actually. 

And you have to pretend you're ok being alone because otherwise everyone will worry about you. 

But you totally and completely aren't. 

So you pretend to read a book. 

I'm bored of this. 

Then you spend a bit of time looking at the wall. 

No one has texted me. 

And then you have sex with yourself.


And then you pray a hot priest with text you. 

You've never met a hot priest.

And that's that! Genius.

Other social media users thought the video was equally as genius.

We wonder if Phoebe would approve?


HT Eva Victor

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