These 9 habits will improve your life, according to a psychologist

Anita Sanz
Thursday 27 July 2017 11:30
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When Quora users asked for top habits to develop in order to improve their lives, incensed psychologist Anita Sanz stepped forward with some top tips.

As a psychologist, I’ve given this a lot of thought, because no matter what someone coming into therapy says they want to work on, eventually the subject of habits comes up. Usually, we will work to get a particular healthy habit established or eliminate an unhealthy one.

But since I am rarely flat-out asked “What are the best habits to have?” I’m happy to take some time to answer the question here.

Basic Daily Habits to establish:

1. Maintain your body and mind through good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management

2. Challenge yourself to learn something new

3. Improve your surroundings in some way

4. Tend to your important relationships in some form

5. Handle something from the earth (flowers, gardening, yard work, chopping vegetables)

6. Look for the Good (gratitude practice)

7. Connect to Beauty (read, write, listen to music, create or enjoy works of art)

8. Create empty space (completely unfocused, non productive time)

9. Automate these habits as much as possible

Putting these habits into daily practice involves having or acquiring some skills that are essential to success. To do these things on a daily basis, you have to be able to:

1. Set clear, achievable goals related to these habits

2. Pick 3 things you want to accomplish each day that move you closer toward your goals (preferably one thing related to your work, one to your personal life, and one related to self-improvement)

3. Educate yourself on any of the areas you need to know more about to be successful (for example, nutrition, sleep hygiene, meditation, nurturing relationships, automating habits)

4. Become disciplined and accountable to yourself

5. Understand how to work with time, energy, and motivation

If you need help with establishing any of these habits or acquiring any of the skills you need to keep these habits going consistently, I recommend you seek help from someone who not only knows how to do what you don’t, but can teach you how to do it in a way you can understand.

That about covers it.

Oh. One last thing: Never, ever hit the SNOOZE button.

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