This map shows the most popular baby names in every UK city

Bridie Pearson-Jones
Sunday 21 May 2017 13:15
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Earlier this year, Oliver, Jack Harry, Amelia, Olivia and Emily were announced as the most popular baby names of 2016 by the Office of National Statistics.

Now, Character Cottages and Bounty have released a map of the UK showing the most popular name in every city.

Olivia and Amelia are still the two most popular girls’ names. For boys Oliver and Jack remained popular, each being the top boy’s name in 12 UK cities.

Some cities showed more unusual results, in Peth the names Eilidh and Tom were the most common. In Newry it was Ryan and Grace and in Stirling it was Noah and Ellie.

In Bagnor and St Asaph Osian was the most popular boy's name and in Leicester Isla was the most popular girl's name.

The most popular names differed by country

Most popular in England and Wales: Amelia and Oliver.

Baby map of England, Character Cottages
Baby names in English cities, Character Cottages

50 per cent of the most popular names in Wales are of Hebrew origin

Baby names in Welsh cities, Character Cottages

In Scotland, the most popular names were Jack and Olivia

Baby names in Scottish cities, Character Cottages

40 per cent of the most popular names in Northern Ireland are English names

Baby names on Northern Irish cities, Character Cottages

On the whole, 40 per cent of the most popular names in the UK are of German origin, and 37 per cent are of Hebrew origin.

Character Cottages

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