The most common given names in Europe, mapped


Earlier in the year we brought you some maps that showed you how baby names in England and Wales have changed over the years.

Amelia and Oliver and stormed to the top, becoming the predominant names in the land.

So what's the picture like across Europe?

We have some maps for that too.

Sofia/Sofija/Zofija seems to dominate Europe, especially toward the East, while Emma seems to be popular particularly in the West.

What about the boys?

Variations of Maxim/Maksim seem very popular in the East, while Jakub and Luka/Lucas seems to be the most popular name around central Europe.

Meanwhile Scandinavia seems to particularly like the name William.

It should be noted that the sources for this information are spread over a number of years, depending on the regularity of the country in question's census or data gathering.

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