This is the most common word on every country's Wikipedia

Bridie Pearson-Jones
Thursday 18 May 2017 11:15
Picture:(Reddit / Amiantedeluxe)

A map has been created showing the the most common word used in each county's English language Wikipedia page.

Picture: Reddit / Amiantedeluxe(Picture: Reddit / Amiantedeluxe)

This excludes linking words such as 'the', 'country', 'government' and demonyms.

Some of the most interesting ones are:

  • The most commonly used word on the UK's Wikipedia is 'Ireland', and the most commonly used word on Ireland's page is 'state'.
  • In the US and Spain entires the most common word is 'war'.
  • In Russia and a lot of the former USSR countries the most common word is 'Soviet'.
  • North Korea's most commonly used word is 'south' and South Korea's most common word is 'North'.
  • Most island countries have ‘island’ as the most recurring word.
  • ‘World’ is the most common word across Europe, which is likely due to the World Wars.

You can visit a high-res zoomable version here.

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