Piers Morgan has started a new campaign for men to 'seize back their country' and he's obviously been destroyed for it

Louis Staples
Friday 21 September 2018 13:00
Image:(Twitter / ITV)

Piers Morgan is no stranger to online controversy. In fact, some would say he thrives on it.

As a presenter on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and columnist at the Daily Mail, Morgan has frequently lambasted “politically correct” culture. He engages in frequent clashes with feminists and has directed particular hostility towards trans and non-binary people.

As a pal of stable-genius-in-chief Donald Trump, he’s defended the president on many occasions.

Given Morgan’s penchant for rubbing people up the wrong way, he’s launched a new campaign for men to “take back their country”- whatever that means.

The tongue and cheek campaign, which is clearly intended to enrage his many, many critics, debuted this morning on Good Morning Britain, much to the exasperation of his co-host Susanna Reid.

Among other bizarre sticking points, he complained that the expression “lady luck” and “mother tongue” are sexist against men, and suggested that the Statue of Liberty should be reconsidered as a man.

He then held his head in his hands and exclaimed “the world’s gone nuts!”

Yes, yes it has.

Sure enough, the condemnation and mockery has been resounding. Many have pointed out that furthering this kind of light-hearted misogyny can be dangerous.

Others simply expressed disbelief at Morgan's breathtaking idiocy.

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