This may be the sassiest Uber Eats driver

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 22 July 2017 13:45

Food delivery services have gone up a notch in recent years, thanks to the smartphone. But along with speed and convenience, sometimes a food order can come with a side of sass.

Student Alisha Jennings-Oluwosuko was spending time with a family member being treated at the John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland.

While she was there, she ordered an Uber Eats food delivery from a local burger place.

However, she forgot all about the food while she was busying around at the hospital. She missed a call, so texted the number and asked who it was.

They replied to say her delivery had arrived, so she text back and asked if they were at the main entrance. The delivery guy replied:

No I'm on top of the building I just landed my helicopter.

And people are loving it.

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