F1 24 handling being ruthlessly mocked online

F1 24 handling being ruthlessly mocked online
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The new handling model being used in EA SPORTS F1 24 is being widely mocked and negatively reviewed online.

F1 24 is out on May 31 - those who have early access are able to play the game and codes were previously sent out to reviewers so they could share their thoughts on the game.

In promotion for the 2024 edition of the popular annual Formula One title, EA announced the introduction of 'dynamic handling'.

This is a new model used in the game for how the cars behave when turning.

But those who have early access to F1 24 have mostly blasted it, saying it's a "step backwards" and some even saying it's simply "undriveable".

The F1 game series has proved really popular over the last few years as the games can be made as simple or as complex as the player wants.

Players can tweak the settings so they resemble more of an arcade mode, dial it so it feels more like sim racing, in other words as close to the real thing as it can be, or somewhere in the middle.

But a common groan with F1 24 is that the handling has been changed so it feels more like an arcade racer than a sim one and with it having a thriving esports community, lots of players are not happy about this direction, especially as predecessor F1 23 was one of the best handling entries in the series to date.

In F1 24, the cars have been given what's described as a sharp front end - in other words, the slightest bit of movement on a steering wheel or controller can cause the car to turn really quickly, meaning the steering is incredibly sensitive.

This is what's led to a number of videos being posted of players almost unable to counter steer when they want to go straight, being able to go through corners at speeds that are unrealistic, drifting around others and having to turn in a number of times instead of one smooth movement.

It's understood EA is planning to release an update around the time of the launch, or just after it, to fix some of these issues.

While EA works on this, those who have played it say the problems with the steering can be mitigated to some level if the maximum wheel rotation setting is changed to 400 or even 500 degrees.

EA SPORTS F1 24 is releasing on May 31.

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