GTA 6 ‘leaks’ are fooling gamers

GTA 6 ‘leaks’ are fooling gamers
'GTA 6 might be the game to save the games industry', expert …

A GTA 6 'leak' is doing the rounds online and a number of gamers have been fooled into thinking it's real.

GTA 6 fans are searching for any grain of information they can find out about what's already becoming the most highly anticipated game of all time.

All that's been officially released from Rockstar so far is the trailer and the only official leak was the numerous clips of in-development footage in 2022.

The latest 'leak' has been shared by a number of accounts on X / Twitter and it appears to show a blurry image of a blonde woman in a bikini on a beach with palm trees in the background.

The image also has a minimap in the bottom left corner with text in the top left.

But it appears as though it has been made in Photoshop or by AI - that's before taking into account the image itself is blurry, which is really hard to capture on modern smartphones.

X / Twitter user @GTASixDelta shared the image on the social media platform and at the time of writing it has got 9.2m views, 35k likes and 2.9k Retweets.

In the user's bio, it says 'Grand Theft Auto VI concept artist'.

But it was shared by an account with 1.3m followers in a post which said 'a new GTA 6 leak just dropped'.

At the time of writing, this post had 20.2m views, 158k likes, 7.1k Retweets and 2.9k replies.

And a number of those replies from users seem to have thought it was real.

That wasn't the only account it was reposted on either.

One user explained why they think the image is fake.

@GTASixDelta has posted other screenshots claiming to be 'leaks' from the game in the past.

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