GTA 6 Vice City map's massive secrets revealed after in-depth analysis

GTA 6 Vice City map's massive secrets revealed after in-depth analysis

A Florida beach - shown in-game in GTA 6

Rockstar Games

The highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 will be one of the biggest gaming releases of all time - and fans are licking their lips after the reveal.

It'll be bigger in every way, more fans will be playing, it'll possibly cost more than GTA 5 did on release, it certainly cost more to produce, and of course, the in-game map will be huge.

GTA 6's in-game map will likely be the largest criminal sandbox in the entire series, and quite possibly bigger than Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2.

Fans already think GTA 6 will look way better than the gorgeous RDR2, but bigger? The cowboy adventure essentially took place over the North American continent.

Well, GTA 6 won't exactly be set over a bigger depiction of North America, but it'll be the biggest depiction of a region we've seen so far.

Rumoured to be set in Miami - or in-universe as Vice City - GTA 6's map will be built based on Miami and the surrounding larger Florida region including the Florida Keys.

X user JasonFromGTA6_2 shared a post made up by a 'GTA Mapping Community' showing GTA 6's Map placed over GTA 5's massive Los Santos map:

There's quite a level of detail in the colossal GTA 6 leaked map on the tweet - and we can already see that the leaked map is enormous even in comparison to Los Santos, but we also see details of a number of areas. As mentioned, there are the Keys (Gator Keys), a number of settlements including Port Gellhorn opposite the larger Vice City, and some larger open areas.

If you're looking for even more detail, though, Reddit has you covered and some real secrets of the GTA 6 map have been unearthed by u/Positive-Sir1930.

The incredibly detailed summary of GTA 6 leaks explores the map in perhaps the greatest detail we have seen so far.

The post's biggest reveal is that GTA 6 won't just be set in a fictional Florida, but will possibly include the surrounding states bordering the Sunshine State, including Georgia.

According to the analysis, representations of Savannah, Georgia will be included as well as Disneyworld, the Everglades, Redhill Forest and more. Further analysis suggests that the Blue Ridge Mountain region will likely feature in-game, taking the map as far as the Appalachian range and making the map incredibly interesting and diverse.

You can see the map leak analysis in full here. It is well worth a read.

In other Grand Theft Auto 6 news, fans are desperate to see these 8 features included in the new game.

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