Experts warn of GTA 6 PS5 performance issues

Experts warn of GTA 6 PS5 performance issues
The ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ (‘GTA VI’) release window has been narrowed …
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Tech experts are reported to have warned that GTA 6 is not likely to run at a higher frame rate when it's released on PS5 or PS5 Pro.

On the latest generation of consoles, Rockstar's most recent numbered Grand Theft Auto entry, GTA 5, has the option of running in fidelity, performance or performance RT modes.

Fidelity mode is where the quality of the image is prioritised, meaning it will display at 4k with ray tracing but is locked at a lower frame-rate of 30fps.

Ray tracing basically simulates the behaviour of light.

Performance mode is where a higher frame-rate of 60fps will be prioritised but the image quality itself will be lower; despite the images still being upscaled to 4k, it does not have ray tracing.

Performance RT is basically a mix of both, it's a hybrid that targets 4k with ray tracing at 60fps but will dip on either front when required to operate properly.

When it launched in 2013 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the game only ran at 30fps though and this was the case for the re-release on PS4 and Xbox One too - a 60fps option is only available on the current generation of consoles.

On March 18, latest PS5 Pro leaks included support for 8k gameplay, be 45 percent faster and have four times better ray tracing.

The console is expected to release in holiday 2024 too, between Thanksgiving and New Year and ahead of GTA 6 releasing in 2025.

But tech experts have seemingly warned that GTA 6 will not be playable at 60fps when it releases.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Digital Foundry podcast, founder of Digital Foundry Rich Leadbetter said: "The games that are targeting 30fps right now are not going to be targeting 60fps on PS5 Pro if they are CPU limited.

"All of the conjecture that 'hey, this is going to be great box for Grand Theft Auto 6, we'll be able to run that at 60fps' - unless there's some magical CPU stuff being done by Rockstar, I suggest that's not going to happen.

"An extra 10 per cent is not really going to do much at all.

"It will help your worst possible frame rates when you are CPU limited but it's not a game changer and I think that's pretty clear."

This has been the centre of discussion on the GTA 6 Subreddit.

eshields99 posted: "Imagine still playing a game at 30fps in 2025..."

And the comments section is supportive of the game running at 30fps - as long as the content in the game is good.

En4cr said: "If it's a constant 30fps with this many NPCs and no drops when the explosions start happening I'm a happy camper."

lolanomggodducky said: "I don't get it. I've been a 60fps and above player all my life. Yet I still enjoy 30fps. I wish GTA 6 will be 1080p 30fps if it means that theyre gonna pack it full of features. No cutting vegetation, no removed content, no smaller NPC density. Let the game be the best it can."

sony-boy said: "Better than having to make compromises with simulations, world density or something similar. As long as Rockstar uses all resources wisely, I don't care if it's 30fps."

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