New PS5 Pro details and release date revealed in massive leak

New PS5 Pro details and release date revealed in massive leak
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New PS5 Pro details and its release date have been revealed in a massive leak that's reported to have been confirmed by 'sources'.

The company is reportedly working on a mid-generation update to the PS5 that would see the new console be around three times more powerful than the current model and the Xbox Series S.

Moore's Law is Dead, a YouTuber, claimed to have access to a technical document for the PS5 Pro.

And these leaked details have since been confirmed by sources, writes Insider Gaming, along with when it's due to release and says "the documentation leaked is from a PlayStation developer portal, which was sent out this week to a wider band of third-party developers".

In simplest terms, the PS5 Pro will support 8k gameplay, be 45 percent faster and have four times better ray tracing, a method for producing visual images constructed in 3D computer graphics environments.

The new console is also reported to be released in 'holiday 2024', so sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year.

The latest leaks confirmed by Insider Gaming is the PS5 Pro's 'system memory is more efficient than the standard console', an increase in CPU and better reverb in audio.

Insider Gaming also reports 'Devkits have been available to first-party studios since September 2023, third-party since January 2024 and from Spring 2024, Testkits will also be available which will be identical to the final product'.

Devkits and Testkits are pieces of hardware that allow for the development of games on specific consoles.

If this is the case, earlier rumours that a new PlayStation console would be playable in time for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 would come true and be the most powerful console capable of running the game at release.

Current Microsoft bosses have said the company is working on a new Xbox console but any details of what this will be and when it will be released are currently unknown.

Sony had cut forecast sales of its flagship console, with this seemingly an effort to boost interest in its PlayStation product as the most up-to-date console to play the new GTA 6 game on, which is expected to smash all kinds of sales records for a video game itself.

Sony launched a slightly upgraded version of the PS5 last year but the PS5 Pro is expected to be a much bigger update, with it set to be the most powerful PlayStation console that could run huge games, such as what GTA 6 will be.

The PS5 was released in November 2020 and is now more than three-years-old. It is currently one of just two PlayStation consoles that support gameplay at 4k resolution, alongside the PS4 Pro.

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