'Helldivers 2' players think they've been tricked into unlocking an unwanted weapon

'Helldivers 2' players think they've been tricked into unlocking an unwanted weapon
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Helldivers 2 players fear they've been tricked into unlocking a weapon they previously had no interest in getting.

Anti-tank mines have been offered in Major Orders over the past few months since the game was released. For the blissfully unaware, Major Orders are world events where players must work towards an objective to receive a specific unlock.

There have been several cases where the mines have been an option of two but they've never been picked; the most recent one was when players had the moral dilemma of having to choose between players having the choice to save thousands of sick children or farm ingredients necessary for what could be critical weapons.

The planet full of children was decided.

The latest Major Order is unusually unclear on what the reward for completing it is - usually, it tells players exactly what they'll get.

The order is simple enough - liberate and defend planet X-45 which has already been achieved with days left to spare.

But because of the lack of clarity on the rewards on offer, there is a conspiracy theory going around on Reddit among the player base that they're being tricked into unlocking the mines which they're not too bothered about.

It's now become a bit of a running joke in the Helldivers 2 Subreddit.

Since Arrowhead released the new jungle biome, X-45 has become popular among its players anyway.

There are theories that a simple Major Order has been placed on this planet, which a lot of players visit, specifically for the reason of giving the player base the mines, especially with how quickly it was completed.

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