Players split on major Helldivers 2 moral dilemma to save kids or mines

Players split on major Helldivers 2 moral dilemma to save kids or mines
Helldivers 2 Official Warbond Viper Commandos Announcement Trailer
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Helldivers 2 players have been left with a huge moral dilemma in the game, whether to save kids or mines for combat - and it seems to have gamers divided.

Helldivers 2 is a popular third-person online shooter on PS5 and PC - it's currently PS5's best selling title of 2024 so far.

Players take on the role of Helldivers who battle in squads to get rid of threats from across the galaxy.

Numerous events called Major Orders have been unfolding in its universe since it released in February and players have a real moral dilemma on their hands with the latest one.

An update on the official X / Twitter account of Helldivers 2 said: "An emergency distress call from Vernen Wells describes thousands of civilian survivors trapped in the remains of 'Super Citizen Anne's Hospital for Very Sick Children'.

"Meanwhile, intercepted Automaton communications have identified a large explosives repository on Marfark.

"These stores are very likely to contain the critical raw ingredients necessary to deploy MD-17 anti-tank mines.

"Only the first planet liberated is likely to be saved. The Helldivers are trusted to determine which course of action - saving the children or securing the AT mines - will ultimately save the most freedom."

So players have the choice to saw thousands of sick children or farm ingredients necessary for what could be critical weapons.

Both planets are currently held by the Automatons, a terrifying robot enemy faction.

It's understood regular players have struggled to get the wider player base to commit to one single direction.

And seemingly in line with that, players are divided in their opinion of what's best to do.

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