Lady Gaga drops new hint at incoming Fortnite character

Lady Gaga drops new hint at incoming Fortnite character
Lady Gaga: The Chameleon Queen Who's Still Reigning
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Lady Gaga seems to have teased her new Fortnite character on X/Twitter, ahead of her expected to headline the new season of Fortnite Festival that starts on Thursday (February 22).

She uploaded a tongue-in-cheek post of the picture with the caption '*fortnite' after quoting an old post from 2019, that ended up as a meme that got more than 1m likes in three days, that said 'What's fortnight'.

Included in the post is a smoky image of the Fortnite character lit up by a pink spotlight.

Rumours of the pop icon being included in Fortnite have been circling for a number of years after a 'leak' was spotted in 2022. This was after an emote called Jug Band was used by four players, which seemed to create a fiddle rendition of 'Poker Face.'

Fortnite Festival is a recent addition and is a music-driven, rhythm-based game where players play an instrument through their controller to a number of licensed tracks, in a similar way to Guitar Hero, Rock Band or even Tap Tap Revolution.

When it launched late last year, The Weeknd headlined and his tracks were featured, along with his character model, and other items could be bought by players in the in-game shop.

It's not yet known if Lady Gaga's potential headline slot will be similar to The Weeknd's or how it will look just yet.

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