Super Mario 64's mysterious 'unopenable door' opened after 28 years

Super Mario 64's mysterious 'unopenable door' opened after 28 years
SM64’s Unopenable Door Has Finally Been Opened!

The mystery of a door in Nintendo'sSuper Mario 64 dubbed "unopenable" that's stumped gamers for more than 28 years has finally been solved without any hacks.

Super Mario 64 is a 3D platforming game released on Nintendo 64 in Japan and North America in 1996, and Europe and Australia in 1997.

Considering it's now been nearly three decades since the game was first released, there aren't many more mysteries to discover or work out.

But an "unopenable door" on the 'Cool, Cool Mountain' level has finally been opened.

In the level, after Mario enters the cabin, slides down and exits the cabin at the bottom of the mountain, triggering a cutscene for a star to be collected and by where the penguins are, that door at the bottom of the mountain can't usually be re-entered.

But a gamer has found a frame-perfect solution to get back through it without using any hacks.

Steve Buchanan, a Super Mario 64 expert who posts as pannenkoek2012, shared a video on YouTube detailing how speedrunner PaLiX_ managed to do it.

PaLiX_ exploited the hit box of 'Cool, Cool World's' mother penguin to push Mario through an invisible barrier to where the door is.

But he added a quick turnaround to pull off a perfect move that let's Mario open the door as the game thinks he's walking through it.

PaLiX_ is said to have been inspired by an almost four-hour video Buchanan posted of how invisible walls work in the world of Super Mario 64 which are included so players can't access certain parts of the game.

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