This is why the PS5 runs some games better than Xbox Series X

This is why the PS5 runs some games better than Xbox Series X
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Sony vs Microsoft and PlayStation vs Xbox are battles that have been raging in the world of video games for decades and in the current generation of consoles, there seems to be little to choose between them.

Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PS5, but in most cases, the results are very similar in terms of how games playable on both consoles perform - some even say the PS5 slightly has the edge over the Xbox Series X despite the gap.

It's long puzzled those in the video games community as to why that is.

But tech experts seem to have found out a bit more behind why this is the case, according to a blog posted by Richard Leadbetter, technology editor at Digital Foundry, to tie in with the latest Digital Foundry Direct Weekly video posted on YouTube.

Leadbetter said: "It's a clear divide. If we were to see that spec comparison [between the Xbox Series X and PS5] in the PC space, you'd expect to see the former handily outperform the latter."

The main reason for the PS5 being able to match, if not outperform, Xbox Series X is because of its "development environment", Leadbetter said.

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"More than one key triple-A developer tells us that the PlayStation GPU compiler is significantly more efficient than the Microsoft alternative, meaning that there's better utilisation of the graphics hardware," he said.

That basically means the backend software used by developers to make the hardware perform is more efficient on the PS5 than the Xbox Series X.

"In general, we understand that the lower level API (application programming interface, a way for two or more computer programs or components to communicate with each other) access afforded to PlayStation development means game makers get more from the hardware," Leadbetter said.

"The second most common explanation we've received from developers concerns the nature of the GPU (graphics processing unit) itself.

"While the console [PS5] may have fewer compute units than Xbox Series X - 36 vs 52 - the entire GPU runs faster, meaning certain tasks will complete faster, better suiting certain game engine designs."

Xbox is has more of a "commonality" with PC development than the PS5 does though.

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