Why South Korean streamers are flooding Twitch with adult content

Why South Korean streamers are flooding Twitch with adult content

Twitch user Irin-Chan broadcast live in a revealing outfit ahead of the platform shutting down in South Korea

Irin-Chan / Twitch

South Korean Twitch streamers have been flooding the site with adult content.

In December, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy explained in a blog post the cost of operating in the country is 'prohibitively expensive', saying 'network fees in Korea are still 10 times more expensive than in most other countries', and the company has been operating at a loss there.

The post also adds: "We will work to help Twitch streamers in Korea move their communities to alternative livestreaming services in Korea."

It gave streamers around two months to try and build a following on another site, or be forced to quit streaming altogether.

February 27 is the day Twitch shuts down in South Korea, and streamers are protesting by broadcasting adult content.

Twitch streamer Daeyong 2 has been streaming gameplay of adult gamesDaeyong 2 / Twitch

Broadcasts include streamers sharing gameplay of sexualised adult games, or appearing on camera wearing revealing outfits.

Irin-Chan streamed wearing a risqué outfit, and continued to reveal more as users interacted and commented further on her broadcast.

Daeyong 2 has been streaming gameplay of adult games for a number of hours to thousands of viewers, with some clips on his channel going viral.

Twitch is reportedly facing financial punishment by deciding to stop running in South Korea.

A few days ahead of the shutdown, the streaming service is understood to have been hit with a $300k fine for removing the ability to watch videos on demand, with further punishment expected.

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