$300 The Legend of Zelda Great Deku Tree LEGO revealed

$300 The Legend of Zelda Great Deku Tree LEGO revealed
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LEGO and Nintendo have revealed a new set for the Great Deku Tree from The Legend of Zelda.

It's an adult 2,500 piece set and contains two models in one - there are two versions of the tree to build from Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild.

There are also four mini figures - one of Princess Zelda and three of Link.

It's priced at $299.99 / £259.99 / €299.99 and can be preordered ahead of its release on September 1.

Breath of the Wild LEGO Great Deku TreeLEGO & Nintendo

Eiji Aonuma, producer of The Legend of Zelda series at Nintendo, said: "The Deku Tree was the first element from The Legend of Zelda we wanted to represent using LEGO bricks.

"[There are] unique features that are a great fit for the nature of the series."

The set also has sceneries from the video games including the Master Sword pedestal from Breath of the Wild and Link’s House from Ocarina of Time.

There are also buildable characters and creatures such as Hestu the Korok, several smaller Koroks, Deku Babas, Navi the Fairy, the Deku Sprout and a Skulltula.

Ocarina of Time LEGO Great Deku TreeLEGO & Nintendo

Wes Talbott, LEGO designer, said: "Our fans have been asking for a LEGO set based on The Legend of Zelda series for a while so we were delighted to work with Nintendo to create the Great Deku Tree in brick form.

"As a fan of the franchise, it was great to work on this set and fill it with details and references from the games. I'm also glad we managed to offer the choice to build one of two versions to appeal to many Zelda fans."

Zelda in the LEGO Great Deku Tree setLEGO & Nintendo

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