High school student, 18, divides opinion for publicly shaming his female ‘stalker’

How to Survive a Stalker

A high school student has divided opinion among his peers and the online community with his treatment of a female admirer.

The 18-year-old said the “creepy girl”, also 18, had been “following [him] around for a few months” and he’d caught her “recording [him] multiple times.”

Writing on Reddit he said she’d even created an “invasive Tumblr page” made up of “edited pictures of [him] and her as a couple”.

“I’ve tried confronting her before and telling her to stop following me around, but she always scampers off when I start talking to her and telling her off,” he continued.

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“I had to block her on various social medias after she sent me detailed DMs about her weird fantasies of me.

“I’ve tried reporting her to my dean with her DMs but he’s completely useless, and my parents don’t care at all about how she’s creeping me out. They think I should be flattered.”

The teen then described how, a few weeks ago, the unnamed girl approached him with a box of cupcakes as he sat eating his lunch in the school cafeteria.

“I told her I didn’t want her gift and to leave me alone,” he said. “She kept mumbling ‘sorry’ but tried to force the box into my hands or lap.”

He went on: “I finally stopped resisting, and as soon as she backed off, I said ‘Jesus, you creepy b***h, took the cupcake box to the nearest garbage can and shook it empty into the bin and chucked the box in too.

Ending his post on the AITA subreddit, he said: “She started crying and ran off, and my friends were half laughing at the situation and half calling me savage and heartless. However, one of my friends texted me later and she said my reaction was extremely cruel and uncalled for.”

The redditor said the girl had created an 'invasive Tumblr page' using photos of himiStock

Fellow redditors were quick to reassure him that his response was understandable, even if it was somewhat cruel.

One wrote: “Honestly, I wouldn’t trust stalker cupcakes enough eat them. Nor let anyone else eat them. Into the bin they go.

“And considering how many times he’s told her no, she has no claim to a sensitive or diplomatic response. Yeah, it was a bit savage to chuck them in front of her…and that savagery was earned.”

Another agreed, commenting: “She's harassing you. You've warned her to leave you alone, she hasn't.

“Honestly, dumping the cupcakes was not so cruel considering she otherwise wasn’t taking the very obvious hint.

“It's not like you were doing it to be mean either, but rather out of frustration. I think taking it up with your teachers and counsellor is in order.”

Meanwhile, scores of others urged the boy to take the matter up with the police.

“Dude get a restraining/protection order this is disturbing as HELL,” one wrote. “This isn’t a cute little crush, this is how stalkers end up finding your house and climbing in your window to watch you when you're asleep.

“You being a guy doesn't make it any different, this is harassment and your parents/friends suck major a** for those reactions.”

And another recommended: “Document everything. Screenshot all DMs + the Tumblr pages. Make sure your friends can back up your side if this becomes a legal issue,” one wrote.

“Complain to campus security [...] and the Dean in writing to make sure you have proof of submitting a harassment complaint and they didn't follow up. After that, file a complaint with the police and if all of that comes to nothing, it's time to get a lawyer involved.”

They concluded their comment: “She's stalking you and it's not harmless or funny.

“She needs to stop.”

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