If your dog shows these behaviours your partner might be cheating

If your dog shows these behaviours your partner might be cheating
Do Our Dogs Have Feelings?

Dogs are known as man's best friend - but they may also exhibit certain behaviours and body language to let you know that a partner is cheating on you.

According to the Mirror, a YouGov poll once indicated that one in five people in England has had affairs, and dating site IllicitEncounters also said that a large number of its members use their pups as an excuse to meet up with their lovers not to make things questionable.

In a more recent poll of over 2,000 of its members, 60 per cent indicated that dog walks supplemented more traditional affair rendezvous as daters scaled back on costs.

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This change in behaviour also means that there is more exposure to daters' personal lives, including their dogs.

The dating company partnered with Anna Webb, a dog behaviour and nutrition expert, to uncover dogs' ability to sense infidelity.

Webb said that despite the canines not having the ability to understand what cheating is, they use their smelling abilities to pinpoint where you've been, who you've encountered, and what was done, all from your clothes.

The furry friends can also read you through minute facial expressions, body postures and direct eye contact.

"When a new scent is sniffed, they will remember it, especially when it's correlated with the owner's mood," Webb said.

One cheating woman who uses the site says she has become so paranoid when she walks through the door that she wants to end her extra-marital relationship.

She said: "I have a cocker spaniel who’s attached to my hip for pretty much the entire day when I’m at home. But since I’ve started seeing my new lover – who he’s never met - his behaviour has changed and I’m petrified my husbands going to notice.

"My dog used to greet me at the door but now he gives me one look and runs off. He’s become submissive around me. He’s started pining my husband for attention over me. He even barked at me one time I walked through the door."

If your dog runs away from your partner, or becomes submissive around them, that may be a sign that something fishy is going on with your partner. The dog may gravitate towards you, and away from them. It might even bark at the cheating spouse.

According to the Phoenix Veterinary Center, dogs have around 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. Humans, on the other hand, have six million.

They also have a place in their brains to store all the scents they've experienced.

German shepherds, retrievers, and hounds are some of the breeds known for having the best sense of smell.

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