Dating expert reveals three festive romances that may be in store for singles this Christmas

Dating expert reveals three festive romances that may be in store for singles this Christmas
'Tinselling' is a cheery holiday dating trend — but is it actually …
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The festive season is officially upon us, and those who are single know all too well about family members asking when the last time you actually went out on a date was.

This combined with the fact that this time of the year is known as cuffing season, singletons can feel the pressure to date.

And the stats back this up as nearly 2 in 3 (64 per cent) of British Gen Z and Millennials say they feel more conscious about being single this time of year.

Popular dating app Bumble has revealed how many singles could reject this idea and celebrate their single status in favour of a festive romance this year.

Whether heading to your hometown or spending time with friends and family, people embrace this time to celebrate - but in between all the festivities, it doesn’t mean dating needs to be put on hold.

Bumble has found nearly 2 in 3 (64 per cent) of British Gen Z and Millennials feel more conscious about being single this time of year.iStockphoto by Getty Images

In fact, recent Bumble data found that in the UK Travel Mode activity peaks in December, making this prime time to make a new match.

Bumble’s Sex and Relationships Expert, Dr Caroline West explains why the holiday season can be ripe for romance: The holidays aren’t always an easy time to date, so this could be a good time to embrace being single.

"The combination of Christmas parties and stopping at mum’s house isn’t exactly a recipe for success. But a change of scenery could be a game changer.

"Different romantic prospects come to life in a range of new situations you might not expect, so even a fleeting Christmas party encounter or bumping into somebody from school on a cold Christmas Eve, can set off sparks.”

With this in mind, Dr Caroline West has explainedthree festive romances that could be on the cards for you this Christmas - tis' the season after all.

The Christmas Party Crush

“Work Christmas parties often accelerate the opportunity to connect with your love interest, perhaps with some deep and flirty chats or even a kiss to seal the deal," Dr Caroline said.

“If it does end up being a Cinderella-style one-night romance that fizzles when the party’s over, be prepared for the dynamic between you to potentially change when in the workplace. Don’t sweat it if it’s awkward though - establish that you’re still keen to maintain the status quo by saying hi and moving forward as you were before.

“As we wrap up the year, nearly half (47%**) of Brits say they now have a clearer understanding of what they want out of their dating lives for 2024, and a festive romance could be what you need for realignment.”

Hometown Throwbacks

“As we head home for the holiday period, ‘hometown throwbacks’ can start to appear," Dr Caroline noted.

"This could be the friend of a younger or older sibling, or someone in a different year to you at school who you vaguely remember.

While it can be tempting to rule those from your younger (or older) years out, for 2 in 3 (63%) people, age is no longer a defining factor when dating.

She added: "Plus, 1 in 3 (35%) women on Bumble say they have become less judgemental towards age gap relationships over the last year. So, whoever your throwback might be, a gen(erational) blend romance could be on the cards this Christmas.”

The Christmas Textationship

"If you’re swiping from your childhood bedroom, you may end up in a few festive ‘talking stages’ for a couple of weeks," Dr Caroline said.

"The anticipation of knowing that it will have a definite end point where you both can meet up can be really exciting over Christmas and help tide you through those in-between days post-25th.

"Over 1 in 3 people in the UK on Bumble are focussing on having fun whilst dating in 2024, so take that energy with you into the new year - a little Christmas flirting could lead somewhere that makes it a holiday period to remember.”

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