Millennial explains the real meaning of emojis to Gen Z

Millennial explains the real meaning of emojis to Gen Z
30-year-old college student shares new meanings of emojis, according to Gen Z

TikTok user @genwhyscarlett is living amongst Gen Z as a Millennial and doing so has given her great insight into the cultural differences between the generations.

The 30-year-old is attending the School of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, and living in the school's dorms with her fellow classmates. When she's not studying film, the TikToker posts videos highlighting the difference between Gen Z and Millennials.

In a recent video, Scarlett explained how Gen Z uses emojis is very different from Millennials and people were astonished.

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In the video, Scarlett quickly runs down how Gen Zers use classic emojis for example a 'thumbs up' emoji is seen as passive-aggressive, two fingers pointing at each other means ashamed or shy, an upside-down smiling face means "f*** my life".

🤯 #emojis #genzhumor #millennials #millennialsoftiktok #themoreyouknow


🤯 #emojis #genzhumor #millennials #millennialsoftiktok #themoreyouknow

🤯 #emojis #genzhumor #millennials #millennialsoftiktok #themoreyouknow

The video, which has over 2.9 million views, surprised many when Scarlett revealed the cute, teary-eyed emoji meant horny and any emoji with teeth was considered "cringe".

Millennial TikTok users commented on Scarlett's video declaring that just because one generation found some emojis outdated, they were not going to stop using them.

Millennial TikTok users expressed their feelings about Gen-Z calling their emoji use "cringe"@genwhyscarlett / TikTok

Scarlett's video is just one of her many in a series about how Gen Z uses lingo, technology, and pop culture differently than Millennials.

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