Gen Z are searching for MEME-ingful matches

Gen Z are searching for MEME-ingful matches
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Sense of humour is a quality a lot of people looking for in a potential romance - with 92 per cent of daters consider this an important factor when deciding who to date.

And it turns out Gen Z daters are ensuring their match matches their sense of humour.

New data from Hinge, shows that six in 10 daters want to establish a shared meme-humour before committing to a first date, with almost half (44 per cent ) saying they’re more interested in someone after receiving a meme… but only if they find it funny.

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Memes are a popular way of communication as 73 per cent of daters use memes to determine if they share a sense of humour, and it's particularly a thing among Gen Z who are 21 per cent more likely than millennials to use memes to someone's funniness.

Now Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science, Logan Ury has shared her tips and alternative ways to show your playful side.

  • Laugh together: When we laugh, our brains release a happy cocktail of hormones that increase our levels of trust, lower our levels of stress, and make us feel more relaxed. The dopamine hit from laughing reinforces our behaviour and makes us want to go back for more.
  • Connect don’t protect: While it's true that nearly half of all daters (46 percent) believe that sending memes can help create a connection without oversharing, it's important not to rely solely on humour to express yourself. Rather than using memes as a shield, use them as a way to reveal more about yourself and build rapport. Remember to also use words to express your thoughts and feelings, and avoid hiding behind humour as a defence mechanism - 93 percent of Hinge daters prefer to date someone who’s emotionally vulnerable.
  • Matching humour: Our digital sense of humour has become a key part of our identity. There’s a sense of “If you don’t get my memes, you don’t get me."
However memes are not to everyone's taste, as Ury noted and also advised alternative ways to communicate your sense of humour with a match.

“Many daters are looking for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. But don't worry, you don't have to be a meme master to show that. Here are some tips for showing off your playful side:

  • Share a self-deprecating story. Telling a tale at your own expense shows you’re self-aware and not afraid to laugh at yourself.
  • Plan a playful date, especially if you tend to be more serious. Try roller skating, ping pong, or taking a dance class together.
  • Try something new: Be open to trying something new or taking a risk, even if it means you might not look perfect or succeed on the first try. This can show that you're not afraid to have fun and make mistakes.
  • Use emojis: If you worry that your messages are coming across as too serious, inserting a well-placed emoji can help take the edge off. Just don’t over do it, or you’ll end up looking like a bot (or a texter from 2008).

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