Jaws bath bomb recreates bloody movie scene in your bathroom

Jaws bath bomb recreates bloody movie scene in your bathroom
Person is trying the Aussie Jawssie drink at Outback Steakhouse!

Fans of the natural horror series Jaws have been left surprised at a bath bomb that vividly recreates the bloody waters from the 1978 film.

The iconic Steven Spielberg movie takes place on the waters off Amity Island where a great white shark lives and is on the attack, as numerous characters get killed.

Now this scene has been recreated by a Japanese bath bomb where at first it appears as a boat that turns the water blue, but once after a while the boat melts away into a great white shark toy while a cloud of blood red then emerges in an unsettling scene.

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(Though of course, the bath bomb does not smell of blood but rather has a soapy scent).

On the HobbyLink Japan website, the product has been discontinued but there is still a description of the bath bomb.

"Even better, there's a figure inside each one!" it says. "There are four different figures available (one is a secret!), randomly packed in boxes of eight. Place your order today!"

Last week was the 48th anniversary of Jaws, which was based on the novel of the same name by Peter Benchley and the film marked the early days of a young Spielberg's illustrious directing career.

While the film became one of the first summer blockbusters, Spielberg expressed his "regret" on how Jaws affected people's perception of sharks.

“I truly and to this day regret the decimation of the shark population because of the book and the film. I really, truly regret that,” he told Desert Island Discs, on BBC Radio 4 last year.

The Jaws film series will be available to stream on Peacock throughout July while the first film is also available to watch on Netflix in the UK.

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