Influencer who shared list of 54 demands for ideal boyfriend asked if she's 'picky'

Influencer who shared list of 54 demands for ideal boyfriend asked if she's 'picky'
Jam Press/@julyjinku

A woman has left social media users shocked after revealing her lengthy list of 54 demands for her ideal future boyfriends – including compulsory vasectomies and not following “sexy girls” on social media.

Influencer July Jinku has come up with a set of rules for anyone who wants to be her partner – and they’re rather detailed.

The rules have sent Twitter users into a frenzy, as her Tweet, posted on (@JulyJinku ), garnered over 415,000 views.

She shared the controversial list captioning it: “Do you think I'm picky?”, causing hundreds to share their opinions.

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The demands are divided into three sections.

The first section is called ‘Top requirements’, another is called ‘Second priority’, and the last is called ‘Extras’.

Among the top requirements, the influencer said that her future partner must want to spend his free time with her, give her gifts, and must be intelligent.

She also asks that he has good spelling, and supports feminism and LGBTQ+, as well as liking anime and video games.

In her second priority, she stated that her future boyfriend mustn’t drink or take drugs, and must have good culinary taste, as well as not following sexy girls on social media.

July also wants him to like Japan, to get along with her family, but to not become close with her friends.

Jam Press/@julyjinku

The future partner must be between 25 and 35 years of age.

Lastly, in her ‘Extras’ list, she said that he must have a car, must have tattoos and piercings, and should have a vasectomy.

July would also like her future boyfriend to take pictures of her, compliment her, and must want to bathe with her.

People flocked to comment on her list – with many seeing it as a big red flag.

One person commented: “Imagine having to get a vasectomy to date... And being dumped every week because of insecurities/any nonsense.”

However, someone else defended the list: “You are never demanding if you ask for what you are willing to give.”

User Maki added: ‘Don't be depressing’, ok, that's almost like the perfect man you dream of and will continue to dream of, woman.”

Waivan joked: “I meet most of your requirements but you don't meet mine.”

Togo asked: “When you have a boyfriend please upload this updated photo putting a tick on the qualities that your boyfriend has, to see if you filled the bingo or not.”

“Giant red flag…daddy issues,” commented user Toro.

Jam Press/@julyjinku



  • Not wanting children.
  • That is dominant/Daddy.
  • Who wants to spend most of his time free with me.
  • That he be consenting, (gifts, invite me to eat, and so on).
  • Who wants to live with me and keep me.
  • Protector and be aware of my health.
  • That he likes physical contact a lot.
  • Active communication and empathy.
  • That is safe/has good self-esteem/is not jealous.
  • Good management of your emotions.
  • Intelligent.
  • Good spelling.
  • Support feminism and respect the movement LGBT+
  • Not a religious fanatic.
  • That loves to talk with me.
  • That he likes anime/video games/horror.
  • Who fully trusts me.


  • Do not drink or smoke to take drugs (weed ok).
  • Let him teach me about his career or hobbies.
  • Culinary taste (try restaurants or recipes new).
  • That he share his food and not always eat spicy.
  • Who knows English.
  • Don't follow sexy girls on networks.
  • Don't have "girlfriends".
  • That does not become VERY friendly with my friends.
  • That you like Japan.
  • Get along well with my family.
  • That it is not depressive (or is taken care of).
  • Have solvency and financial stability.
  • Support me in my streams/networks/patreon.
  • Healthy habits (food, schedules, exercise)
  • Age from 25 to 35 years.
  • Very patient, don't yell.
  • That he likes how I dress and encourages me in it.
  • Good sense of humour.
  • That is not emotionally dependent or cursed.


  • Have a car
  • Let him live alone
  • Handsome.
  • With tattoos/piercings.
  • Taller than me.
  • Don't talk bad about your exes.
  • Tell me stories.
  • That I don't constantly try to like them things that he does.
  • Who always wants to take pictures of me.
  • Who constantly validates and compliments me on my physique/personality.
  • That he likes to travel.
  • Who wants to comb my hair/bathe/eat/dress.
  • Do not eat or hardly eat meat.
  • That is not toxic in video games
  • Let me paint his nails and dress him.
  • Having vasectomy.

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