Man divides internet after calling his high-earning girlfriend ‘cheap’

Man divides internet after calling his high-earning girlfriend ‘cheap’
Do the super-rich have too much money?

A man has divided the internet after accusing his high-earning girlfriend of being “cheap” in an online post.

He attracted some criticism after writing on the popular Am I the A**hole Reddit thread, while others were more supportive of his situation.

Outlining his experiences, the unnamed poster said that his partner earns a six-figure salary but refuses to eat out at restaurants other than very occasionally, only tips 15 per cent and never buys new furniture.

The post, titled “AITA for calling my gf cheap?”, reads: “My gf make six figures as a pharmacist and is still the cheapest person I know. She recently bought a new Toyota RAV4 and wanted the bars above to mount her skis. They quoted her 2k and she decided not to get it even though she really wanted it.”

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He added: “She spent about 4 months drooling over a handbag that cost about $600. She uses a tattered bag from college and said she needs one but can’t bring herself to buy one. I bought it for her for Christmas and when I gave it to her she got mad at me for wasting my money. She did apologize after saying she loves it but $600 is too much to spend on a bag.

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“She never wants to eat out. Like at all. I usually eat out 2-3 times a week but it’s hard to get her to eat out even once a month. She always says she can make the same thing for cheaper and will only eat out after some pleading from me. She doesn’t tip very high either only 15% usually.”

The post continued: “She only drives when there are a few things to do. For example for her to come over, she also drops of mail, buys things and goes to the gym in the same trip to save on gas. I’m sure it’s eco friendly but it’s annoying because I’m home at 5 and she can’t get there until 6:30 and we only have 2-3h together.

“She won’t ever buy coffee and even brings her own coffee maker kit rather than just buy coffee for road trips. And she won’t buy bread or oat milk she insists to make it to save money even though it takes so long. She also tends to only buy things on sale. She saw a very beautiful dress but refused to buy it because it wasn’t at least 50% off.

“When we moved in together she refused to buy things in ikea and we bought everything on Facebook marketplace. I saved money too but I’d rather get new things because it’s just gross to use someone’s left overs.”

He finished by writing: “This weekend my brother is coming to town and I told my gf we should go to the trendy restaurant to celebrate. She responded that we should just eat in and she can make Japanese curry my brother liked. I told her to stop being so cheap we barely eat out anyway and if she doesn’t want to pay I will. She got mad and accused me of being a dick and refused to talk to me since.”

The post split opinion right down the middle.

Some thought the man was being unreasonable, with one writing: “YTA. Your GF is being frugal, not cheap. She isn't spending money on things [that] she doesn't think are worth it. She isn't skimping on necessities or making life difficult. She is just choosing to live in a way where she is able to save (and I presume invest) more.”

Another added: “You have two options. Either accept her for how she chooses to spend/save or reconsider this relationship because her spending choices likely won't change drastically in the future.”

Others disagreed, and chose to criticise the girlfriend’s behaviour.

One wrote: “No, she’s being cheap. There’s a difference. Not wanting to spend money is being cheap. Treating yourself and while living within your means is being frugal.”

Another added: “it sounds like she’s being frugal to the extreme. I would be annoyed too.”

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