Man with 'micropenis' explains how he breaks the news of his 'size' to women

Man with 'micropenis' explains how he breaks the news of his 'size' to women
Average penis length has grown in 30 years — doctors call it …

A man who claims he has a micropenis has dished the dirt on what it is like to navigate the world with a small appendage.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous man claimed his penis is 1/4 of an inch while flaccid and offered to answer questions about his sex life.

In a now-deleted post, he said he found out about his condition when seeing a doctor as a child, the New York Postreported. He said it has made dating women difficult and that he hasn't made it past "2nd base". He also said he avoids urinals out of embarrassment and it can make him insecure.

“I don’t bother lying to women about my size tbh but like in the beginning stages like those talk to get to know you stages and if it’s [brought] up during one of those sexy time talks I’ll be honest and say my size,” he reportedly admitted.

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“Other times like heat of the moment just hooked up with a woman when it happens I’ll take mine out and just hope for the best.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic a micropenis is one that measures 3.67 inches or less when stretched.

This is compared to the average erect penile length, which is 5.25 inches.

But the man doesn't reckon he will get surgery to change his body.

“Supposedly penile enlargement surgery is a thing but from what I’ve read it’s normally practiced illegally and it’s expensive and it’s high risk I mean as much of a risk as other surgeries but it’s very damaging to the part,” said the Redditor.

Fair enough.

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