Sex scandal cop who lost job is offered new one at strip club

NYC officers caught having sex in precinct parking lot: police sources

A former Tennessee cop who went viral for having sex with several of her co-workers has been offered a new job ... at a local strip club.

Meagan Hall was a second-year officer in LaVergne, Tennessee - a town outside of Nashville. But after a shocking sex scandal went viral online, Hall, 26, was fired.

According to reports, Hall allegedly had sex with six of her colleagues, sometimes “while on duty and inside city-owned property,” exchanged nude photos with others, performed oral sex at the station, and took her bikini top off at a hot tub party.

All while being married, too.

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The sex scandal instantly generated chatter on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, and more as people thought the story was outrageous.

While some people criticised Hall for her behavior, others supported her, including her husband, and a local strip club called Deja Vu.

“We want her at Deja Vu Nashville on March 17th,” Michael Durham the region director of Deja Vu told Scoop Nashville.

Meagan Hall

Hall's story has made a splash online.

Online, people are searching for any lewd content they can get that involves Hall and other officers. The demand is so high some people have begun sending out fake links to pornographic content that they falsely claim involves Hall according to Rolling Stone.

Because of her online celebrity status, Deja Vu thinks Hall could be a great candidate.

“I get the moral outrage,” Durham said. “However, she is no longer an employee of the LaVergne Police Department. She can now choose what is best for her financially.”

The strip club is offering Hall $10,000 total to perform two shows for the club’s 34th-anniversary party.

Hall did not respond to the inquiry, yet, according to Scoop Nashville.

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