OnlyFans is officially better for your sex life, study finds

OnlyFans is officially better for your sex life, study finds
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OnlyFans is helping to expand people’s knowledge of sexuality, according to new research.

The app is a creator-led internet content subscription service and can be used by any type of content maker. However, it has long been home to the sex worker community since creators can make money directly from their content.

New findings have been published in the scientific journal Sexuality & Culture which suggests that people using the app for sexual purposes learned more about sexual practices and sexual health.

Of the 425 OnlyFans users involved in the study, most of them said they had learned more about sex due to using the app.

A total of 41 per cent of people studied said they had tried new things in the bedroom after using OnlyFans, whether that be using sex toys, exploring their sexual orientation or producing content themselves.

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Marie Lippmann, who is an associate professor of psychology at California State University in Chico, is the author behind the study.

Lippmann said: “Formal sexuality education curriculum varies widely throughout the United States, and individuals may seek out additional information about sex and sexuality from informal media sources and online platforms.

“We were interested in understanding learning on OnlyFans, given that it is such a widely used and novel platform.”

“People engaging with the OnlyFans platform are gaining new knowledge about themselves (self-exploration) and sexuality in general (conceptual domain-specific knowledge),” Lippmann told PsyPost. “They are also learning new skills (procedural knowledge) that they are applying to their sexual lives and relationships.”

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