OnlyFans model who sleeps with women insists she's not unfaithful to her fiancé

OnlyFans model who sleeps with women insists she's not unfaithful to her fiancé
Jam Press/@foreverkarleegrey

A bisexual OnlyFans model has revealed that she only sleeps with women out of respect for her fiancé – but insists she’s not being unfaithful.

Karlee Grey, who has 1.65 million followers across Twitter and Instagram (@foreverkarleegrey ) has made a small fortune from the adult site, pulling in over six figures a year.

And she’s made it a rule to only make content solo or with other women.

The 29-year-old, who has been with her 33-year-old male fiancé, [not named at case study’s request] for six years, actually attributes her racy career to creating a healthier relationship between them.

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Her partner even helps out with the model’s OnlyFans page since she joined in 2019, often taking photos and videos of her.

Jam Press/@foreverkarleegrey

"I only work with women and he's completely fine with that," Karlee told Jam Prime.

"If anything, it's elevated us and made us explore a little bit more.

"He even helps me sometimes with point-of-view filming, and he's my photographer, he takes my photos and edits a lot of my work – he's part of my team.”

Karlee, who lives in California, US, says the pair avoid any jealous feelings about her work by making more time to get intimate together.

For the couple, the conversation about sleeping solely with women happened naturally after her feelings for him deepened.

She said: "There wasn't like a specific way that it was navigated, I personally didn't want to share my body with another male anymore.

"Once I started loving someone so deeply, I just felt like I couldn't do that but with women, I'm always going to be attracted to them.

"I don't know if I would ever necessarily date women relationship-wise but I'm always going to be sexually attracted and he's aware of that.

"He says 'if you already don't want to do it with men then I don't mind if you do it with women' – it's sort of an outlet."

Jam Press/@foreverkarleegrey

For Karlee, who wants to make sure her fiancé is included in the fun, her work is a great way to invite other women to “share” him with her occasionally.

And although the pair are careful not to bring women into their emotional relationship, once a year they “have a fun experience” with a third person.

Despite her fun-loving demeanour, Karlee, who has been in the sex industry since 2014, is meticulous about who she works with, not only for her safety but also her pleasure.

She added: "I personally love women, and I don't want to feel like I'm working with somebody that's not actually enjoying this.

"I want to feel like if the cameras weren't on, you would still want to do it –I've only had a couple of bad experiences, mainly because I always choose women who I know really love women.”

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