This optical illusion reveals what sort of brain you have

This optical illusion reveals what sort of brain you have
Optical illusion of man taking sunset photo leaves internet divided
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A new optical illusion is doing the rounds, and it can apparently reveal certain personality traits such as one’s ability to multitask.

So what is the image? It’s of a person running - but he’ll either be hoofing it away from you or towards you depending on your perspective.

What do you see?

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If the figure is running towards you:

If the person is running at you, this means you possess solid analytical skills, according toFact Factories.

Once you develop a curiosity about something, you learn quickly and are able to focus all of your energy on the task at hand until you know how to approach it.

Having lots of plates spinning at once isn’t your style, however, instead of multitasking you prefer to focus on one thing at a time.

You’re able to back up your opinions and ideas with convincing arguments thanks to your great focus and attention skills.

If the figure is running away from you:

If the person is legging it away from you, you have more of a creative brain. You thrive when you’re immersed in something creative or when you’re creating something from scratch.

You don’t rush when making decisions, and you’re a great multitasker.

You have excellent intuition, memory, and strong senses.

This optical illusion seemingly shows whether you have a more “masculine” or “feminine” brain - but some scientists are working to tackle the stereotypes around the male and female brain.

Neuroscientist Daphna Joel, who launch a gender studies course in Tel Aviv University in 2009, used her research to bust myths around how our brains work.

She rejects the notion that men are more competitive and women are better at communication, and isn’t a fan of how we depend on such notions.

Others, such as former Google engineer James Damore, appear to hold different opinions. Damore was fired by Google after circulating a memo that argued that men were more suited to tech than women.

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