These optical illusions can reveal how you see the world

These optical illusions can reveal how you see the world
This optical illusion asks you to figure out which way this horse ...
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Everyone's a sucker for an optical illusion which "reveals" something about them – no matter how sceptical they are.

In recent months, illusions have dramatically risen in popularity, though they aren't a new concept. In fact, they've been spanning the globe for centuries, with depths of theories (especially amongst ancient Greeks) as to why the world interprets them differently.

Plato described them as our minds playing tricks on us, while Greek philosopher Epicharmus argued our senses betray us when viewing optical illusions. A third, Protagoras, believed that optical illusions depended on the environment in which they were considered rather than our senses.

Flash-forward to 2022 and they're still a thing.

A new set of viral optical illusions have been making the rounds on social media that apparently lift the lid on your mental stability and how you see the world.


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TikTok user @themoreyou shared the series of five illusions asking viewers what they saw first.

What do you see first?


According to the viral TikTok, if you see the lips first, you're a "pretty straightforward person and take people for their word."

If trees were the first thing you picked up on, "You're ambitious and always one step ahead of everyone else."

What word do you see?


An optimist will always see the "good" first – and probably won't see anything else.

If you picked up on "evil" first, "you might find it difficult to trust people, at least at first."

What do you see first?


If you saw the lock first, you're someone who loves to "explore the unknown and step beyond your own boundaries."

However, if you happen to pick up on the crying person first, it's a call to "take some time to relax and clear your mind."

"You probably don't pay enough attention to your feelings," the clip said.

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Can you spot the hidden message?


If you saw ancient columns first, it maybe a "little difficult for you to break out of your comfort zone. It's not that easy for you to face the opinions of others."

If you pick up on people first, you're "self-confident" and know exactly what you want and how to get it. You also help others a lot.

What do you see?


If you saw the door first, you're fully ready and equipped for great life changes and should certainly embrace them.

If a musical note stood out to you, "You feel like you have something important to share with the world and should never miss the chance to express yourself."

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