7 places around the world where selfies are completely illegal

7 places around the world where selfies are completely illegal
Are Selfies And Cameos The New Autographs?

Before you pack that selfie stick for your next vacation, you may want to look into the local laws.

Selfies have become an extremely popular way for people to take photos of themselves while on vacation. There's no better way to remember a beautiful vacation than to snap a quick photo with your front-facing camera.

But several popular tourist destinations in places like New York, the UK, France, Spain, and more have set rules in place to prevent visitors from taking selfies- often for the selfie-takers' safety.

From January 2008 to July 2021 there have been an estimated total of 379 people who have died in selfie-related accidents.

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"It’s difficult to imagine that some tourist hotspots around the world have actually banned anyone from taking a selfie," Matt Dahan from said.

But it's true.

Photography experts at have named seven locations across the world where taking selfies are strictly forbidden, and sometimes even punishable.

1. Taking selfies with 'big cats' in New York

Whether you're at a zoo, carnival, or circus, it is illegal to take a selfie with any 'big cat' in New York.

The law, which was passed in 2014, limits interactions between the public and animals like tigers, lions, or other big cats to prevent injuries or deaths.

2. Taking selfies with the crown jewels in London

In the Jewel House at the Tower of London, visitors can see the precious Crown Jewels which sit near armed guards. But they are for your eyes only as photography is "not allowed" in the Jewel House.

Taking a photo, or selfie, is considered a security risk so therefore completely prohibited.

3. Taking selfies at the Garoupe beaches in France

In 2014, the Garoupe beaches located in Antibes, France, banned visitors from taking selfies during the busy season of summer.

The law was introduced to stop people from bragging about their holiday. They even have "holiday spam police" to be on the lookout.

A spokesperson for Garoupe beaches told The Daily Mail, "The Garoupe beaches are among the most glamorous and pristine in all of France and we want people to be able to enjoy our exclusive beach in the moment, not spending the majority of their time bragging to their friends and family back home".

4. Taking selfies at Mecca in Saudi Arabia

After several people took, and posted, selfies online at the Hajj, Saudi authorities put a stop to photographs at two holy locations.

Photographs are forbidden at the Holy Mosque at Mecca or the Prophet's Mosque at Medina.

5. Taking selfies at the Running of the Bulls in Spain

Selfies are banned at the annual event held in Pamplona, Spain- and for good reason.

To prevent people from putting their lives in danger for the sake of a selfie, participants are banned from holding recording devices and everyone is banned from taking photos.

The rules are so strict, if you are found violating them you can be "ejected from the bull run, detained, or arrested" and "can face fines of more than £3000

6. Taking selfies at train stations in Japan

The West Japan Railway Company banned people from taking selfies with selfie sticks. The law was introduced in 2015 to protect visitors from hitting overhead wiring that could cause electrocution and prevent people from falling onto the tracks while being distracted.

7. Taking selfies with a bear in California

It may seem obvious to avoid interacting with wildlife for the sake of a selfie, but officials in Lake Tahoe had to formally ban people from taking selfies with wild bears.

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