Move over quiet quitting - loud quitting is the latest trend taking over workplaces

Move over quiet quitting - loud quitting is the latest trend taking over workplaces
Quiet Quitting trend picks up online, among frustrated employees

Last year, 'quiet quitting', the notion of doing just enough at work so as not to get fired, dominated workplace discourse - but now 'loud quitting' is all the rage.

The new buzzword is all about playing risky mind games to try and squeeze more money out of your employers.

You start grumbling about not having the best time in the office and mention you are applying for other jobs. Then (hopefully) your boss panics about having to go through the effort of recruiting someone new and offers you big £££ to stay.

But this is obviously risky. An employer might not rate you that much anyway and charging round like a reject from the Apprentice to try and Succession your way into the next tax bracket might make you pretty unpopular.

Indeed, your employer may call your bluff, let you quit, and then you will be left with no work, no money and a thoroughly bruised ego.

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Doug Baird, CEO from people advisory firm New Street Consulting Group, told "Like most workplace trends, 'loud' quitting isn’t something that’s happened simultaneously at a moment in time – rather it’s a culmination of big forces and specific factors built over weeks, months and years.

"Given that almost every sector is currently competing fiercely to attract talent, it’s understandable that individuals are seeking opportunities to speak up about looking elsewhere for a better job offer."

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