Father shamed by his own brother for refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle

Father shamed by his own brother for refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle
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A father has been shamed by his own brother because he refused to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

Posting on Reddit, the brother explained that he got into an argument with the father after he refused to walk her down the aisle because she is marrying a woman and his wife comes "from a conservative Christian church" and things had been strained between them.

He added: "In the past two years, he and his wife have tried to reconnect with her. They've been attending family therapy, and seem to have made some progress".

But things took a turn, he explained:

"My niece is getting married in six months, and she really wants her parents to be there. They, however, still say that this is a 'mental block' for them. They've actually asked her to move the wedding back so they have more time to adjust to the idea of her being married to another woman.

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"When she told me this I told her straight up that that's bulls**t and if my brother and sister-in-law are too wrapped up in their own Jesussy Christiness to watch their daughter marry the love of her life, I'll walk her down the aisle instead.

So him and his brother had a fight because the father felt undermined and he wanted the Reddit community to tell him if he could have handled the situation better.

He wondered if he had implied his brother didn't "love his kid".

But commenting on the post, people said he was in the right.

One said: "Your niece is lucky she had your parents and your family because what your brother did to his daughter was unforgivable, and you guys may very well have saved her life".

Another wrote: "You told your brother the truth, and the truth hurts. He chose to throw away his relationship with his daughter as she didn't fit the mould in which was suitable for her parents lifestyle and as such he now has to continue to accept the consequences of his actions and if he needs a therapist to teach him how to love his daughter then too bad for him."

And a third said: "Your response was far too epic, and I'm not even mad about it. Sometimes, you have to be hard."

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