Behind SHA Wellness: The celebrity hotspot for full body MOTs

Behind SHA Wellness: The celebrity hotspot for full body MOTs
SHA Wellness Clinic

Once upon a time, trips abroad were filled with jam-packed itineraries with Brits heading overseas for fizz-fuelled fun. But now, travellers are reigning it in by prioritising health above anything else and undergoing full-body MOTs.

Nestled in Spain's idyllic Sierra Helada Natural Park, SHA Wellness Clinic knows this too well with a host of guests aiming to better their lives.

Travel industries have shone the light on wellness, and have witnessed significant growth since pandemic restrictions were lifted way back when. SHA insists that wellness is not a "trend, it's a need," citing that over 70 per cent of health issues faced nowadays "are related to our lifestyle and entirely preventable."

SHA offers a catalogue of treatments developed and supervised by experts taking wellbeing inspiration from both Japanese and Mediterranean ways of life, "the two communities who have the longest lifespan."

SHA Wellness Clinic

"Our 360-degree method integrates the most advanced scientific medical treatments, especially in the fields of preventive medicine, genetics, and anti-ageing, with the most effective natural therapies, and healthy and balanced nutrition," Alejandro Bataller, Board Member & Vice President, shared.

They've also recently become the first to launch a programme focused on sexual health, too. This includes treatments such as phytotherapy, urology, gynaecology, holistic medicine, nutrition, and cutting-edge technology.

SHA has welcomed a host of celebrities to its world-renowned resort, including the likes of Barbara Streisand, Donna Karan, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue and Monica Bellucci.

That said, the award-winning resort has also witnessed its demographic getting younger as guests put the pause on prosecco and opt for a more relaxing wind-down retreat instead.

SHA Wellness Clinic

Their most popular treatments lie in the realm of nutrition, with a highly effective yet sustainable programme achieving unmatched results. They're also notably popular among guests seeking well-ageing and prevention advice, with integrated diagnostic technology driven by data.

"Our offerings encompass everything to help individuals realize their full potential at all ages, from pioneering cell regeneration therapy to bioidentical hormones, stem cells, and advanced brain health techniques like brain mapping, neurofeedback, and photo biomodulation," Alejandro explained.

Head of the Genomic Medicine and Healthy Ageing Unit, Dr Vicente Mera, shared five tips with Indy100 to implement a bit of SHA lifestyle into your everyday lives to help ensure the body's natural defences are always in optimum condition:


"A healthy and balanced diet is essential for keeping your body’s natural defences at their best, foods such as miso soup, nori seaweed and sauerkraut are rich in antioxidants, contain high levels of vitamin C and work to reduce inflammation, all of which are essential for boosting the body’s natural defences."

Moderate Exercise

"Prolonged, intense exercise can suppress the immune system, while consistent, moderate physical exercise reduces inflammation and helps the immune system cells to regularly regenerate. The most beneficial exercise? Running, walking, swimming, and cycling."

Stress management

"Prolonged mental stress promotes inflammation and can even suppress the body’s immune response. So relieving stress and anxiety is essential for good immune health, activities such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness disciplines are extremely effective and can help manage stress levels."


"Little sleep is associated with an increased susceptibility to everything, whereas restful sleep strengthens natural immunity. Aiming for around 50 hours of sleep a week should be a priority for everyone this winter, whilst also maintaining good sleep hygiene."


"Some studies suggest certain supplements may help strengthen the body’s overall immune response, such as vitamins C and D, zinc, and garlic. So, incorporating these into your diet could result in health benefits."

SHA Wellness Clinic

As for what's next for SHA Wellness, they recently opened their highly anticipated Mexico outpost in January, the first phase of their global expansion plan.

"Building on the success of our flagship clinic in Spain, the expansion has been developed to reflect the consumer demand to place health and well-being at the forefront of all areas of life – business and personal," they explained. "SHA Mexico is located in the state of Quintana Roo, in the eastern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula. A further opening is set for the Emirates in 2025."

For more information, visit the SHA Wellness Clinic website here

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