'Spornosexual' with eight 'wives' says he wants to have a child with each of them

'Spornosexual' with eight 'wives' says he wants to have a child with each of them
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A Brazilian polygamist and self-proclaimed "spornosexual" who has eight wives divulged details of married life and said he wants to give each wife a child.

Arthur O Urso, the man in question, made it to the internet last year after he wed the women in São Paulo.

In a report fromThe Mirror, Urso recently "came out as spornosexual," which is a term that was coined by English author and journalist Mark Simpson in 2014.

A spornosexual is described as "young men who fashion their own bodies into the ultimate accessory and totally hot commodity down at the factory of the 21st century - the gym."

Many men would say that Urso is living the dream by having a harem of beauties, but the husband said it's not always easy to keep up with his wives' strict requests.

"They demand that I be in shape; otherwise, I get lectured," Urso told The Mirror.

To keep his six-pack, the influencer is constantly pumping in the gym and has also cut out carbs from his diet, including "breads and pasta."

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Urso initially married fellow swinger Luana Kazaki, and the couple shared naughty videos on OnlyFans that garnered them roughly $73,000 per month.

But last year, Urso decided he wanted to marry eight additional women to go "against monogamy."

Polygamy is prohibited in Brazil, but the nuptials were not legally binding.

Kazaki soon had to share her spouse with the other women.

Urso even made a "sex roster" to ensure all the women in his life are satisfied, but it also caused issues at times.

"Sometimes I felt like I had to have sex because of the schedule and not for pleasure," he said before adding that he would sometimes sleep with one wife "while thinking about another."

This year, The New York Post noted that Urso was back in the media after a new wife called Agatha was fed up with sharing her husband and left the relationship.

Urso said he was "very sad" about it and "surprised by her excuse."

Urso's eight other wives reportedly believed that Agatha's "attitude was wrong" and got into the relationship with "adventure" in mind and not as a result of "real feelings."

Elsewhere, the influencer isn't in a hurry to replace the lost wife, although he does hope to add another woman to the group.

"My wish has always been to have 10 wives. I only have one daughter, but I want to have [a child] with each one of my wives," he said.

Updated on 13 October to correct the "spornsexual" to "spornosexual." Mark Simpson, an English author and journalist has also been cited as introducing the term to the world in 2014.

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