Expert shares 5 spring cleaning hacks using cupboard staples

Expert shares 5 spring cleaning hacks using cupboard staples
Spring Cleaning Makes People Feel In Control

Spring clean season is well underway with many households ramping up their Kim and Aggies ahead of summer.

While boxing off a deep clean is incredibly satisfying – especially when it's over – it's also said to positively impact our mental health.

According to Dr Messina, it helps "regain a sense of control over the environment in your home, reduce your stress levels, increase your focus, improve your mood, and may even reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression."

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As the nation rolls up its sleeves, AO shares five cost-efficient cleaning hacks that won't break the bank – and they're natural alternatives to many chemical-based solutions.


Bicarbonate of soda

Thea Whyte, AO's small appliances expert, insists that people invest in a tub of bicarbonate of soda for its endless cleaning benefits.

"Mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with water and you’ve got the perfect cleaning product," Whyte advises. "It can be left in your kettle overnight to remove limescale or used as a paste to clean an oven door.

"There’s no end to the uses of this cheap cleaning hack, plus it’s more environmentally friendly."

Lemon juice

Not only does lemon juice help diminish odours and freshen up appliances, but its natural antibacterial properties help remove mould, bacteria and mildew.

"Simply mix lemon juice with water to create a solution to clean the inside of your refrigerator or microwave, helping to remove any bacteria and give your appliances a fresh, citric smell," Whyte advises.

Distilled white vinegar

At just 30p a bottle, distilled white vinegar is the backbone for every spring clean. Due to its acidity, it can dissolve bacteria, grease and grime around the kitchen.

"What’s more, you can mix vinegar with other kitchen staples for an even more intense clean," Whyte says. "For example, mixing vinegar and baking soda provides a great natural solution for cleaning your oven, effectively eliminating the build-up of grease."


Cotton buds

It's easy to miss those hard-to-reach areas around the home, but a deep spring clean allows time to pay a little more attention.

Simply using a damp cotton bud or a toothbrush is an easy, effective way to tackle those awkward corners and crevices.

Attention and time

"Whether you’re cleaning you fridge, oven, microwave, or any suitable appliance, we’d recommend taking the machine apart (carefully!) and cleaning the elements separately – where possible," Whyte says.

"Take out your oven trays, fridge shelves or detergent drawer, for example, and clean these in hot soapy water – or even in the dishwasher.

She continues: "By cleaning each element separately, you can focus on cleaning that part thoroughly, while giving yourself greater access to clean the unit as a whole."

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