Newspaper's bizarre tips to be good Thanksgiving guest mocked as '1990s sitcom behavior'

Newspaper's bizarre tips to be good Thanksgiving guest mocked as '1990s sitcom behavior'
How to balance out your Thanksgiving meal

Some advice on how to be a good Thanksgiving guest is going viral... for all the wrong reasons.

If you're one of the millions of Americans visiting, or hosting, family and friends today that means you have to be on your best behavior.

And if you're seeking advice on how to be a good guest, one newspaper is offering tips - as long as you're ok with acting like a "1990s sitcom" star.

New York Times shared their advice on how to be the best Thanksgiving guest which included bringing your own apron, take-home containers, and stain remover.

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According to the article, bringing your own apron is a sign that you're ready to help in the kitchen, and bringing your own take-home containers proves you're thoughtful. Now your host doesn't have to track down their own containers.

As for the stain remover, "your host will be thrilled that they won’t have to get out of their seat to whip up a makeshift stain solution," NYT says.

But people online weren't as receptive to the tips as intended.

"This is some real “1990s sitcom behavior that is not appropriate in real life” s***," Ben wrote.

"If you ever do this as a guest at my house, I will throw you out of my house," Josh tweeted.

"If you are a guest and you come into my kitchen unasked and start to "help", better hope I am done with the knife by then," Ernesto responded.

One person offered some alternate advice on being a good Thanksgiving guest, "3 Items not to bring: 1. Your s***ty political opinion 2. A raging cold or flu 3. Your dog."

So maybe leave the apron at home.

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