17 of the most incredible one-star reviews of iconic tourist attractions

17 of the most incredible one-star reviews of iconic tourist attractions
Did You Know? Mount Rushmore

There are endless options of sights to see across the US, from the Grand Canyon to Mount Rushmore to the Empire State Building.

Visiting national parks, monuments, and famous landmarks is a rite of passage for Americans and tourists alike, but determining which one to visit can be tricky.

Sure, you could ask friends who have been to the sights you want to see, but why do that when you can scour through public reviews.

But you can't make everyone happy all of the time - and some people will always find a way to complain.

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We've scoured the internet to find 17 of the most ridiculous negative reviews - some funny, some serious - of notable tourist attractions across the US

The Lincoln Memorial

Perhaps one of the most famous sites in Washington DC is the Lincoln Memorial, which sits at one end of the National Mall.

Featuring a massive statue of the US's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, some people were looking for a more interactive experience.

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Others found the memorial deplorable for the inaccessibility of ducks.

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The Washington Monument

Built to commemorate the US's first president, George Washington, this 500-foot (152 m) building stands in the middle of the National Mall in Washington DC.

However impressive the tall obelisk may be for some, others found it unfulfilling.

Unlike the Lincoln Memorial, people were disappointed to find the Washington Monument does not look like George Washington.

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One person gave the Washington Monument a one-star review, then rated it 0/10.

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Niagra Falls

Over eight million visitors stop by the famous Niagra Falls every year to catch a glimpse of the three massive waterfalls that separate the US from Canada.

According to one Google Review reviewer, it may be better to visit the falls on a cool day.

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Mount Rushmore

In Keystone, South Dakota, history buffs can visit Mount Rushmore National Park where the famous sculpture of four US presidents resides.

Carving four presidential faces into the side of a mountain may sound impressive to some, but for other reviews it was simply a rock.

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Apparently, there is a Barbie version that one reviewer recommended over the real thing.

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The Grand Canyon

One of the most popular places for American families to visit is the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

While some one-star reviews consisted of people complaining about hiking and hot weather, many of the reviews echoed each other about one concern - losing their pants.

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Google Reviews

Peculiarly, a few years ago an internet trend emerged where people gave the Grand Canyon a one-star review and claimed to have lost their pants.

There is no shortage of pants-snatched stories.

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The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is a historic landmark in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As a part of American history, many children learn from a young age about the symbolism the Liberty Bell holds- and the notorious crack in the bell.

But apparently, many reviewers had no idea the Libert Bell has a distinctive crack.

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Empire State Building

There is nothing more iconic about New York City than the Empire State Building.

What was once the world's tallest building offers spectacular views of Manhattan when visitors go to the top. However, be warned - it may be too high for some people.

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It's not just a television show.

Yellowstone National Park is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the US, and the famous geyser Old Faithful.

But be warned, there is no Wifi.

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The Golden Gate Bridge

Standing high above the Golden Gate Strait in San Fransisco, California, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the many 'bucket list' locations tourists want to see.

However, some were surprised to find it was located close to the water.

Apparently, it is not well-known that the Golden Gate Bridge is neither golden nor a gate.

If there's one takeaway from this, remember to keep your pants close when visiting the Grand Canyon.

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