The first thing you should do when staying in a country where you don’t speak the language

The first thing you should do when staying in a country where you don’t speak the language

Traveling and exploring various countries worldwide can be exciting if you have the opportunity to do so.

And despite how fun it can be, there may be some nervousness around how to navigate the countries, especially if you don’t speak the language.

So what can you do to overcome this if you don’t know specific phrases in the language?

According to the Reddit forum LifeProTips, there is one important thing you should do when you arrive.

The recommendation from a user known only as Splunge states that you should “take a business card from your hotel, and a picture of the front of the building.”

They also added that if you happen to get lost while exploring and need to hop in a taxi, “show the picture and business card to the driver, and you won’t need to speak.”

Redditors in the comments also agreed with the advice.

“I remember being lost and totally wasted in Taiwan. Handed a driver the hotel business card. He laughed for a few min and then proceeded to drive me 50m up the road to my hotel for free. Good times,” wrote QWaxL.

Others in the comments also spoke about their experiences and dropped some other pieces of advice.

“Also: take a photo of that subway-map / trail-map / mall-map / whatever-map as you enter the place. [It’s]Much easier to refer to it instead of trying to find another map or get off at the wrong stop or what have you. You also end up with a fun little ‘oooo, remember when we hiked up the grouse grind? Here’s the path we took’ memory,” wrote SP3NGL3R.

“If your phone is working, you can just show them it on the map instead of a picture, lol. You can also use Google translate!” wrote CanAlwaysBeBetter.

“I had an amazing heart to heart on a 4 am taxi drive to the Barcelona airport about life, love, and why we’re here almost exclusively via us talking into Google translate and passing the phone back and forth. [The] Driver even got out and gave me a hug at the end!”

With that, don’t get too worried about navigating the destinations in your next vacation. You’ll be able to find your way while taking in the scenery and potentially learning something new.

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