Four Valentine's Day horror stories that make being single more bearable

Four Valentine's Day horror stories that make being single more bearable
The History Of The Valentine's Day Chocolate Box

Of all the holidays people celebrate, there’s one that seems to be equally dreaded by all people: Valentine’s Day.

The day that is supposed to be filled with love, romance, and affection has been known to generate an atmosphere of anger and resentment among those who do not have anyone to celebrate with.

But just because you’re alone this holiday doesn’t necessarily mean you’re having the worst Valentine’s Day.

In fact, you're probably having a better love day than some of these people who offered to share their stories of being broken up with, or did the breaking up, on Valentine's Day.

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"Broke up with my college boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Not on purpose - just had to happen"

"Broke up with my college boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Not on purpose - just had to happen" Indy100

Devin and her high school sweetheart had been dating for a little over three years but her decision to go to college in a different state was beginning to wear on their relationship.

"We’d been having issues with him staying in my hometown and me coming to college," Devin said. "He was always judging me for going out and meeting new guy friends."

So when Valentine's Day came around, Devin decided to invite her high school sweetie to her sorority formal so he could meet her college friends, dance with her, and have a good time. But that's not exactly how the night went down.

"He didn’t drink and he literally sat at a table the whole night and didn’t socialize with any of my friends or dance or anything. I was so upset and kinda realized this wasn’t my long-term fit," Devin said.

"I was drunk by the end of the night and just kinda let it all out in my dorm room."

"He explained to me that he had hooked up with someone else at a party the night before"

"He explained to me that he had hooked up with someone else at a party the night before" Indy100

Eight months into her first-ever relationship, Valentina was excited to experience Valentine's Day with a boyfriend.

"I was excited to actually have a Valentine's Day date because I am a very cheesy person who loves celebrating capitalist holidays and loves love," Valentina said. "So on the morning of February 14, I messaged him the usual good morning text and went off with my day."

But after not receiving a text back for a few hours, Valentina began to worry, so she texted him again.

"That's when the explosion of texts began to occur," she said.

"He explained to me that he had hooked up with someone else at a party the night before and that he thought it was best to break up."

"I ended up spending the day with my parents, as I have been for the past 20-ish Valentine's Days, but I would 100% rather that than experience it with someone who only gifts disappointment."

"Dinner is cold"

"Dinner is cold" Indy100

Being in a long-distance relationship with a time difference is stressful for any relationship, especially when Valentine's Day comes around.

So when Millie's boyfriend suggested they make dinner and eat together over FaceTime as a way to spend the day together while apart, she thought it was a great idea.

"I Loved it," Millie said. "Got super excited."

But Millie's hopes were let down as each passing day her boyfriend began to make their FaceTime dinner date less and less special.

"Four days before Valentine’s Day he asks to push dinner back by an hour. I said 'ok no problem.' Three days before he says that cooking at the same time would be too hard so maybe we just do the meal together. I was a little more bummed but like 'ok I guess.' Day of, he asks to push it back another hour because his 'family friend' is having a dinner and invited him."

Suddenly it was 8 pm and Millie was crying all alone while waiting for a call that wouldn't come until 8:45.

"He sees my face and goes, 'why are you upset' I proceed to tell him how I felt and that him being late really made me feel like I was not a priority to him," Millie explained.

"His response: ''when I become a doctor I am going to be late a lot, so you should just get used to this.' It's safe to say we ended shortly after that."

"We ended up going to our planned dinner together while broken up"

"We ended up going to our planned dinner together while broken up" Indy100

Shelby decided to fly to Boston to see her long-distance boyfriend for Valentine's Day thinking it would be a romantic getaway. But it ended up in a weekend from hell.

"He told me he’d pick me up from the airport and didn’t," Shelby said. "I paid $50 for a cab and then he dumped me the night I arrived."

Not only was Shelby now grappling with a breakup, but the two had to figure out what to do with their non-refundable hotel reservation for the weekend.

Rather than throw it away they decided to muscle through their breakup and go together - even having dinner at the place they had a reservation.

"I cried the whole weekend," Shelby said.

"A couple of months later he started dating our mutual friend, who I found out he’d been cheating on me with.”

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