New York waitress blasts European tourists for leaving small tips in scathing rant

New York waitress blasts European tourists for leaving small tips in scathing rant
Pregnant waitress breaks down as diners hand her $1,300 tip

Travelling to New York anytime soon? You might change your dining out habits after reading a scathing rant from one waitress who had enough of measly tippers.

Social media user Madison Tayt posted a since-deleted message to customers looking to eat in New York, slamming a group of tourists who had left a 10 per cent gratuity.

More than 40 million people viewed the divisive thread on Twitter before it was deleted.

It began with Tayt saying: “I f***ing hate Europeans sometimes on God. This table just left $70 on a $700 check after chilling for HOURS. My manager even asked about their service and they were OVER THE MOON about my service so he explained the customary tip is 20 per cent and they were like ‘Ok’ and left.”

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She went on to say that Americans who had European friends should explain the difference in tipping culture.

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“I understand a lot of the qualms with European’s behavior in restaurants comes from cultural differences (camping at tables, being a little brusque or forceful, etc) all of which id be willing to overlook if they at least tipped appropriately,” she wrote.

The post provoked a lot of discussion online, with people coming out in defence of the post – and others criticising the nature of tipping culture in the US as a way of defending European diners.

Taking sides with Tayt, one said: “I remember being a waitress and we started ADDING the tips to the bills when they were tourists. But they ARE the worst and refuse to follow US culture … It’s rude AF and disrespectful.”

One social media user wrote: “Europeans aren’t used to tipping because servers are generally paid well. Blame the terrible late-stage capitalism of the US, not patrons from other countries.”

Another added: “Your wage is the problem here. If you are relying on tips to earn enough money your employer is exploiting you. They are not relying on the generosity of strangers to run their business.”

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