The UK's 10 most pro-Remain cities that now need their own independence referendum

Picture: Rob Stothard/Getty Images
Picture: Rob Stothard/Getty Images

It's all kicking off.

David Cameron has announced he will resign after the UK voted to leave the European Union in Thursday's referendum.

The public voted leave by 52 per cent to 48, and now the next prime minister will be elected by Conservative party members, not by the public.

In addition, referenda on Scottish independence and Northern Irish independence are being talked about.

Oh, and the pound is in freefall, the UK is no longer the world's 5th largest economy as the pound has fallen so far that France has overtaken us, and £122bn was wiped off the FTSE 100 in the first opening minutes of Friday's trading.

But enough of the good news - here are the most 'pro-Remain' towns and cities that should leave whatever the hell the UK is going to become and join the EU.

1. London

In the capital 59.9 per cent voted in favour of Remaining, and in some places the vote reached over 70 per cent.

2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh joined the rest of Scotland in voting Remain, with 74.44 per cent voting such.

3. Cambridge

Here, 73.85 per cent of the public voted in favour of the European Union.

It's only a town home to one of the finest universities in the world, with an exceedingly intelligent student population.

It's probably an outlier result.

4. Oxford


In the rival university's city, 70.27 per cent voted for the EU.

5. Brighton

The longtime bastion of liberalism and Green stronghold voted for Remain, with 68.62 per cent of those in Brighton and Hove doing so.

6. Glasgow

Glasgow joined the Scottish capital, voting 66.59 per cent in favour of remain.

7. St Albans - 62.71 per cent

8. Bristol - 61.73 per cent

9. Aberdeen - 61.1 per cent

10. Manchester - 60.36 per cent

Here's a breakdown:

It's all moot now anyway.

Picture: Matt Frost/ITV via Getty Images

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