100 years of Kenyan beauty trends, in one minute

100 years of Kenyan beauty trends, in one minute

For the past two years WatchCut have been creating their ‘100 Years of Beauty…’ one-minute videos in which the viewer get to travel not only time but also space to explore beauty trends of women (and men) all around the world.

Transcending politics, they’ve looked at North and South Korea, Russia, Mexico, Iran and Ireland to name a few.

Their most recent project is Kenya, with model Keesee Andrea, who's made up and hairstyled to reflect Kenyan beauty ideals decade by decade.

Fashion across the decades is heavily influenced by Kenya’s diverse ethnic background with over 70 distinct ethnic groups in existence, providing a melting pot of culture and religion.

Here is a snapshot:

The turn of the century means big, tribal jewellery

Jewellery remains at the forefront of fashion, but the 1930s emphasis is more subtle than previous looks

The 1940s is a nod to Kenya's ten per cent Muslim minority

The 1970s favoured big, bright head wraps

And the 80s onwards saw the rise of cosmetics...

Check out the full video below:

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