102-year-old reveals the secret to a long life

102-year-old reveals the secret to a long life
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A 102-year-old man has revealed all you need to know about having a long life.

Italian Roger Antonucci celebrated his 102nd birthday on Wednesday in Atlanta, with his two daughters, Lisa Messina and Melanie Thompson, helped mark the special occasion.

Antonucci, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, moved to Georgia nearly 20 years ago and lived a modest life as a tailor. He was married to his childhood sweetheart, Anne, for 65 years and has outlived everyone in his family.

Now he has told Fox 29 that feels more like he is "about 79, 80 years old" and that "I could go for another two, three more years.2

“And I like women. I like women,” he joked.

Melanie admitted her dad has three favourite things in life but probably not in the order he admits, she remarked: “Roger likes sports and women, probably not in that order.”

Who can blame him?

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