11 words and phrases smart people should supposedly never say

There are lots of words and phrases that people find frustrating - particularly those that seem exclusively used in the corporate world: "blue sky thinking", "square the circle", "deliverable" etc.

But a new video from Mental Floss highlights that things we now say every day were treated with the same contempt when they first came into popular usage.

Thing like "contact", "donate" and even "interview" were deemed objectionable in the early 20th century.

So if you want to stay safe from ridicule, and use words that other people don't find abominable, what ones should you try and avoid?

We've scoured the web for advice from language experts, entrepreneurs and even "emotional intelligence and leadership" consultants. Here's a collection of the words "smart" people should never use:

1. Need

2. Must

3. Can’t

4. Easy

5. Just

6. Only

7. Fast

As Jason Fried, the Founder & CEO at Basecamp and a New York Times bestseller, explains, these first seven words can be seriously demotivating to others around you. "When collaborating with others — especially when designers and programmers are part of the mix — watch out for these dirty four letter words," he explains. "They are especially dangerous when you string them together."

8. You look tired

As Travis Bradberry explains: "Instead of assuming someone’s disposition, just ask. This way, he can open up and share. More importantly, he will see you as concerned instead of rude."

9. Wow, you’ve lost loads of weight!

This can come across as critical of their previous looks. Try just saying "you look fantastic" instead.

10. Good luck

As Bradberry explains, this implies you think they need luck to succeed.

11. You always...

As Dawn Brotherton explains for the American Genius: "Rarely, is someone always the same way, so these qualifiers put someone on the defence right away."

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