17 of the most 'ouch' comments from the Labour shadow minister resignation letters to Jeremy Corbyn

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 27 June 2016 17:30

32 shadow ministers so far have resigned after Hilary Benn was sacked yesterday as criticisms of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership mount following the Brexit win last week.

While Corbyn has unequivocally reinforced his intention to remain leader of the Labour party by way of mandate no matter how many ministers resign, the numbers are stacking up.

And as resignation letters pour in, some of them are more scathing than others...

1. Seema Malhotra, shadow Chief Secretary

Under your leadership we will not be able to build bridges across the party, be the strong official opposition that the country needs or reach out to voters and build confidence in Labour.

2. Heidi Alexander, shadow Health Secretary

I do not believe you have the capacity to shape the answers our country is demanding.

3. Lucy Power, shadow Education Secretary

Your position is untenable and you are unable to command the support of the Shadow Cabinet, the Parliamentary Labour Party, and most importantly, the country.

4. Ian Murray, shadow Scotland Secretary

I have always expressed my thoughts directly to you as I think it is important to be honest and open with each other.

...I do not feel this has been reciprocated.

5. Chris Bryant, shadow Commons Leader

The vast majority of Labour MPs did not vote for you.

Your ambivalent attitude in the campaign was a betrayal of the Labour Party and the wider Labour movement and it has let down a whole generation of young people.

6. Chris Bryant again:

If you refuse to step aside I fear you will go down in history as the man who broke the Labour party.

7. Owen Smith, shadow Secretary for Work and Pensions

It is deeply worrying that you have not been able to hold together, in the true Labour Party Tradition, a Shadow Cabinet that draws upon the talents of colleagues from across the Parliamentary Labour party.

8. Angela Eagle, shadow Business Secretary

After nine months of trying to make your leadership work…I have come to the conclusion that you are not the right person to lead the Party we both love.

9. Kate Green, shadow Minister for Women and Equality

I am sorry that you did not appear to accept the special responsibility on you as a leader to take all the steps possible to unite us, so that we can act now as an effective opposition in parliament.

10. Anne Turley, shadow Minister for Civil Society

The Leadership is not in touch with the hopes, the fears and the aspirations of my [constituents].

11. Diana Johnson, shadow Foreign Minister

The EU referendum campaign has also shone a spotlight on problems with your leadership and I think it is clear now that millions of workers stand to suffer the consequences of the tight vote to leave the EU – an outcome, I think, that you as a Leader could have done more to avert.

12. Toby Perkins, shadow Armed Forces Minister

You continue to refer back to the mandate you received in September. I have to tell you that I have been contacted by many of the people so enthused by your victory last year, to urge me to persuade you to stand down.

13. Jess Phillips, shadow Parlimentary Private Secretary to shadow Education Secretary

The Labour Party is not about you, it’s about us, most of all it’s about them, the brilliant people in the UK…you cannot see that you have made this all about you and not about them.

14. Alex Cunningham, shadow Minister for Natural Environment

I am not convinced that with you as leader we can win the next General Election and rescue the British people from what I expect to be the incoming right-wing reactionary Tory Government.

15. Wayne David, shadow Minister for Cabinet Office, Scotland and Justice

I believed that you could unite the Party around clear and relevant policies and provide strog leadership.

I believe you have done neither.

16. Neil Coyle, shadow Parlimentary Private Secretary to shadow Leader of the House

You have failed to explain what it is you want to do if elected Prime Minister other than not be a Tory. Our Party and my constituents deserve much better.

17. Neil Kinnock, shadow Parlimentary Private Secretary to shadow First Secretary of State

I do not believe you have the requisite skills or experience to ensure that there is a strong Labour voice.

So. Much. Shade.

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